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The latest in advanced IPL technology for permanent hair reduction. Suitable for light to dark skin tones and effective on fair hair. Complimentary consultation available by appointment. This will only take 15 minutes and can be added to an existing appointment or Skin Diagnosis.

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Our waxing treatments are performed using high-quality Ella Baché wax and carried out in accordance with strict hygiene standards.*

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Hands & Feet

Complement any service with a rejuvenating hand or foot treatment.

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Enhance the eye contour with a professional eyelash or brow tint,
eyelash extension or brow shape.

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From just over an hour to an indulgent escape, choose from our Signature Collection range, or allow our Skin Therapists to tailor
an individualised treatment package to suit you or your loved ones. Gift Vouchers available. See your Skin Therapist for details.

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Body Treatments
Experience the ultimate full body rejuvenation with an individualised
body treatment for tailored results.

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Treatment Booster

Enhance your Facial Treatment with a targeted or technology enhanced High Performance* booster.

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High Performance Facials
Ella Baché combines the latest active ingredients with high performance technology to offer a range of High Performance
Facial Treatments.

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Facial Treatments
Your skin constantly changes. Environmental influences, age, diet, stress and hormones are just a few of the factors
that can affect how your skin functions. That’s why Ella Baché has created tailored Facial Treatments to target specific skin concerns. Each combines a series of products prescribed to achieve a desired result for the skin. For maximum skin results, a home solution will be specifically designed for your individual needs.

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